There is indeed no better way that to include the benefits a healthy diet and exercise in to you lifestyle, so that you can not only lose weight to start with, but also maintain it. If you are using supplements for weight loss, there are a few things that you should know about them.

Nourish your body with foods that are fresh, rich in nutrients and can assist you in maintaining weight and keeping your body healthy.

Don’t fall for quick fix gimmicks, treat your body right! Say not to supplements, especially the ones listed below:

Green Tea Extract
Green tea extract for a while now has been hailed as a weight loss super hero. It has a reputation for being a natural fat burner and it assists the body in detoxing. It is a common ingredient in many weight loss products that promote themselves as weight loss products. Green tea extract gives them the perception of being natural.

While it may have a few benefits, using it just to lose weight has more harmful effects that beneficial. Caffeine is usually a great idea for people who wish to lose weight, as it offer lots of energy and less calories. However, high levels of caffeine brings with it side effects like anxiety disorders, pregnancy issues, complications in breastfeeding, irritability, and an increased risk of cardio vascular disease.

DIM (diindolylmethane)
You will find this on pharmacy shelves and in stores that sell bodybuilding supplements. The human body produces this supplement from vegetables such as Brussels, broccoli and kale.

It is marketing as a way to lose weight by controlling hormones. Women who struggle to lose weight oft use this as it serves as a metabolizer for estrogen and forces the body to burn fat.

Using DIM may cause issues like irritable bowels, hormonal disturbances, vomiting, nausea and changes in a woman’s menstrual cycle.

If you have fallen pray to lousy marketing gimmicks of skinny tea, you should know that they come packed with a host of side effects as well. You will lose weight to start with, what next? One of the main effects of this tea is dehydration. Along with this comes vomiting, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea and stomach cramps.

Other weight loss supplements like Oxilofrine and Duromine have nasty side effects as well. Try and steer clear of these for good healthy. Speak with a Registered Holsitic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath, to learn how you can adopt a healthy way to lose weight and even maintain it.