You, like millions of people around the world, need that first cup of coffee or tea in the morning to break out from your groggy state. As you sip on your cuppa, you are telling yourself and reminding yourself that you need to cut back, but sadly, that doesn’t happen.

There have been a number of debates and people continue to count the advantages and disadvantages of consuming coffee. While some argue that it helps to curb diabetes and event fight Parkinson’s disease, there are others, who attribute coffee drinking to heart disease and even cancer.

Let’s take a look at what coffee does to the body. When you drink coffee not so regularly, you will see that it has more effects, it stimulates you, and almost makes you feel like a super human being. But, for those, who are used to drinking it on a regular basis, know that it simply helps take you through the day as you are overly dependent on it.

If you suddenly stop drinking coffee after you have been a heavy drinker, you will note that you will start feeling withdrawal symptoms after you stop. Your hands will start trembling, and you will simply feel that you cannot make it any further without that drink of coffee.

It is ideal that your body can sustain itself without being dependent on absolutely anything. It isn’t the most wise thing to do, to abuse stimulants, as there will be ill effects over time.

If you drink one cup a day and truly enjoy it, it’s fine, but if you simply cannot resist reaching for a cup every few hours, you need to check yourself and do something about the addiction. If you feel helpless without that first cup of coffee, then you really need to do something and change the way your life is.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can find a natural and healthy high, as apposed to being addicted to harmful substances like coffee. Do not be dependent on anything, learn to lead your life, without any dependence.