If you think that ensuring that you eat a well balanced diet is the answer to overall good health, then you are right, but you are only 75% right. If you wish to achieve 100% good health, then you have to ensure that your thoughts are balanced too.

Just ensuring that you have the most nutritious smoothies, eating organic and gluten free food is not going to get you there. You have to remember, that the most important part of your life may be starving, and that is your mind.

Just answer the simple questions below to learn if you are doing all you can to live a well-balanced life!

Even with a balanced diet…do you
1) Have bad thoughts?
2) Have low self-esteem?
3) Have monetary issues?
4) Find it difficult to forgive those who have hurt you?
5) Feel sad, cheated, guilty, hate towards another or shameful?
6) Feel that you have no control over the thoughts in your head?

It doesn’t matter how you cleanse your diet, it’s not going to help you get rid of negative thoughts. To make this change, you have to make an attitude adjustment, and only when you learn how to condition yourself to escape these negative thoughts, can you be truly healthy and happy.

The human brain has about 40,000-60,000 thoughts per day and all of these thoughts manifest themselves in to physical actions, and biochemical reactions, which come out in the form of emotions.

The first place that you should start with, is with cleaning your mind. Just like the roots of a tree, your mind should be strong, if your roots/mind is not strong, no matter, how much you water it, it will not grow.

You have to learn how to clear your mind of negative thoughts, you have to learn how to think better and stay clear of all the negative energy that surrounds you. While eating right is important, thinking right is equally important too.

Speak with your Registered Holistic Nutritionist, or get in touch with your Homeopath, so as to learn how you can maintain a healthy outlook towards life, by incorporating the right foods. Try and include meditation in your lifestyle, practice yoga, stay calm, don’t get angry, let the silly things slide and stay happy.