It is essential to learn what a superfood is before you go ahead and start including it as part of your daily diet. Superfoods are generally plant-based foods that are known to be nutritionally dense and offer a host of health benefits. Blueberries, almonds and kale are common superfoods that most people start with when they wish to make superfoods a part of their life.

Superfoods that are more uncommon include and have started becoming popular over the last decade include white mulberry. It is not just the fruit, but the leaves as well offer great nutrition. They are known to be rich in phytochemicals and work towards improving human health in general.

Let’s start by understanding what this fruit is
White mulberry is a medium-sized tree that is known to be native to Northern China. The benefits were found out by ancient Chinese more than 4000 years ago.

It’s not just tasty!
Extracts of the white mulberry are extremely rich in antioxidant flavonoids, such as rutin, isoquercitrin and quercetin. When you consume just a small portion of this superfood, it helps to combat free radicals, that would otherwise contribute towards oxidative stress. They also contain about 4grams of protein and give your body 20% of the fibre that it needs.

Diabetes and Cholesterol
It helps control diabetes and cholesterol, keeping you healthy. It helps in regulating blood sugar levels by preventing spikes.

White mulberry is rich in fibre, protein and antioxidants. However, what’s most surprising about this superfood is that it helps you stay protected against the most deadly lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and helps control your cholesterol levels.

If you do indeed wish to make this superfood a part of your life and stay healthy, make an appointment with Hermeet Singh Suri (HOM, BSc., RHN, Epigeneticist) at The Homeopathic Plus Centre and learn how you can make life healthy with white mulberry.