For some 2013 may have been filled with challenges, which may have brought you down, but that is no reason to start the new year on a pessimistic note. There are things that you can do, to ensure that the glass looks ‘half filled’ in the year to come.

What would you tell a friend who is feeling like that there is no way out of a certain situation? Well, you would probably give her a pep talk and lead her on to believe that challenges can easily be overcome, all you have to do is think positive, and have faith in yourself. Talk to yourself; consult yourself, like you would a best friend.

Understand what the problem is and visualize solutions that can make a difference to the way you are feeling. You are your best friend, and no one can find solutions to your problems like you can.

Practice makes Perfect!
You have to make an effort to curtail negative thoughts and keep yourself abreast with thoughts that are positive and lively. You cannot constantly think about the negative, you have to learn how to focus on the positive. Doing so will cultivate in to a habit that you will indeed cherish for life, not just for the year ahead.

Count your Blessings
Focus on the hits, and forget about the misses. Concentrate on how many times you felt like patting yourself on the back and be grateful for all that you have achieved in the year gone by. When you think about the successes, you will feel happy and you can remind yourself about how amazing you truly are and the potential you have within you to conquer absolutely anything that comes your way.

It’s okay to feel bad
If you are truly feeling bad about something, go ahead and feel bad, but also work towards finding a way out of this feeling. Find a comfort place that you would like to be in when you feel down and absolutely out of sorts.

When you have something that drives you, you can indeed achieve anything. So, focus on what you have planned for the year ahead and feel positive. Set goals, and set an action plan as to how you wish to achieve them.

The right food can make all the difference in your attitude and outlook towards life as well. Meet with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what foods can make a positive difference to your life. You could choose to meet with a Homeopath too, who can help you with herbal and natural remedies that can turn your life around.