Everyone is talking about adopting a plant-based diet nowadays! People wish to choose foods that are power packed with nutrients. However, they do not want to lose out on flavour. People who do not want to go the vegan route completely, the plant-based way is right for you.

When you choose to adopt a plant-based diet, you consume more vegetable and fruits; this means you either minimize or altogether avoid the consumption of meat products.

Going plant-based is a way of life, it may not be for everybody, but if you are keen on healthily approaching life, go plant-based. Plant-based diets ensure that you eat cleaner, you live sustainably, and you eat more consciously.

A lot of people claim that a plant-based diet does not offer you the proteins that you may get from animal products. However, it may also be noted that foods that are too high on protein may cause adverse health effects to like, due to an excessive build-up of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which increase the risk of many diseases such as cancer, anti-inflammatory autoimmune disease and cancer. Our health could also be affected by the harmful substances and pathogens that are transmitted by livestock.

Plant-based diets are known to not only help you lose weight, but they are also great for your inner well being. Plant-based foods help increase phytonutrients increase fibre and help decrease saturated fat. Since we are consuming nutrients that are balanced, they help stabilize blood sugar, prevent diabetes, and they also help support healthy cholesterol levels.

If you genuinely do want to go plant-based! Do speak with a Registered Holistic  Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can go plant-based and stay healthy.