All of us want to make sure that are kids are safe at all time. We teach them about safety measures, we have deadlines for them and we ensure that a security alarm is working fine, but are you aware that there are toxic chemicals in basic everyday items that you may be using around the house. Find out more about these and learn how to keep your children safe.

Household cleaners

Recently after the bloodstreams of a few kids were studied, a large number of toxic chemicals are showing up in results. These chemicals can be traced back to chemicals found in pesticides, cleaning products and the preservatives found in non-organic food.

It is also known that women who work from home, have a higher chance of suffering from cancer, that those who work outside of the home. This is because of the constant exposure to toxic chemicals found in basic household cleaners. Poisoning often occurs in houses that use these household cleaners heavily and where parents are unaware of the danger. The ironic part is that by doing so, parents are actually trying to create a clean and healthy environment for their children, but are actually achieving the opposite.

Poison centers often get calls from concerned parents whose kids have gotten into toxic chemicals like chlorine bleach, glass cleaners, mildew removers, toilet cleaners, tile and tub cleaner or carpet cleaners. The problems that can occur from exposure to these toxic chemical range damage to the skin, the mouth, throat, eyes, cancer and even death. One’s internal organs can also be affected.

While the government is aware of these dangers, they make it necessary to put labels like corrosive, combustible and poisonous on the product, however, how can you really control exposure all the time? You clean the floors with toxic cleaners, and your children crawl on them, their hands go into their mouth and these chemicals are directly sent into their blood streams.

One of the leading reasons for children developing allergies and asthma is because of toxic chemicals that are used to clean the very clothes they sleep in or the very bed sheets they sleep in. These toxic chemicals come into the blood stream through the skin.

The danger is apparent, so what can one do to turn things around and protect their child.

1.You can help children breathe better by keeping your home clean by not smoking around the house, by reducing pet dander, mold and dust.

2. You can protect your child from lead poisoning by first having your children tested for the same. Always ensure that your kids wash their hands before and after every meal. Make sure that you let cold water run for at least a minute through the pipes so as to clean them off lead. Old homes and their pipes should be checked as well.

3. Try and keep your children away from pesticides and toxic chemicals. Be sure that cleaners are all stored in areas that are inaccessible to children. Read product labels carefully and follow the instructions. Make sure that all fruits and vegetables are washed under running water before you eat them and always peel fruits and vegetables before cooking or eating them. Also, try and buy vegetables and fruits of the organic variety.

4. Carbon monoxide poisoning should be avoided by checking furnace fumes, fuel burning appliances and chimneys at lease once a year. Install CO alarms where you sleep to stay alerted.

You should know that there are green household cleaners available in the market and they are effective and odorless. Try and use products that do not use so many toxic chemicals and keep your family safe. Get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to understand how eating organic foods and vegetables can indeed boost your child’s health. Homeopathy too and natural alternative to healthy living is a great way to stay healthy too.