For most of us, our bedroom is the most relaxing place in the house. However, often after a while, your room may start developing an environment that no longer comforts you. When you reach that place, you have to make a few changes. You need to get that feeling back, because all of us need a place, we can call our own. 

A few tips below can help you create an environment that is pleasing and relaxing within your own bedroom.

1) Get Rid of the Clutter  – Organize
Late working hour, taking care of children and other responsibilities may have bogged you down, leaving you with no time to take care of your personal space. If you are serious about reclaiming your space, then you have to take time out and organize your room first. Get rid of things you do not need. Get some boxes in to your room and start dumping things in that you would want to give to charity. Once you know what you need organize your space and make sure it is clean of dust.

2) Scented Candles
Though the smell of a clean room can be relaxing, you can up the ante by getting in some scented candles as well. Go to your nearest departmental store and pick up the finest smelling scented candles. When you are retiring to your room or early in the morning light up a candle and feel the purity soak into the room and your mind.

3) Air Purifier
Pet dander, allergies and mold can cause you trouble while breathing and you may not be able to sleep well. An air filter can help you keep your room clean and also help you sleep better.

4) Get rid of the TV
Television plays a role in over stimulating your senses and therefore you will have more difficulty in going to sleep. Keep the TV in another common room. When you do this you will realize that when you hit the bed you are more relaxed and will sleep easily.

5) Get Rid of Unnecessary Furniture
A cluttered room is a stressful room. You may have a chair or a small stool in your room that you have never used. Get rid of it. Keep your bedroom simple and spacious if you want it to be relaxing.

Your bedroom, your personal space should be inviting to you and your spouse and no one else. A few photographs around the room could also help liven up the place and looking at memories could help you relax too. Other small things can help make your bedroom relaxing as well. Speak to your spouse, and think of small ways in which you can create an ambience that help you relax.

Keeping your body healthy is also important to stay relaxed. Eat the right food after consulting a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and you could also indulge in some natural supplements through Homeopathy to keep a calm mind.